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Valid driving licence (current), no endorsments

Own reliable transport if the organisation is supplying a car allowance, or must be credit cleared to obtain finance to purchase a vehicle in your name when made an offer

South African citizen

Fluent in business English

In certain areas other spoken languages would be applicable, relevant to the province, territory and key customers e.g. Afrikaans, Black Language, French if sub-sahara Africa

 High School Certificate non negotiable

Bachelors degree (human movement preferred) - see a brief description below between a device rep and a pharmaceutical rep tertiary

Medical Sales Rep "OUR SPECIALITY" e.g. devices, capital equipment, theatre sales to surgeons (degree in anatomy / physiology, sport science, biokinetics, human movement , physiotherapy, operating room theatre diploma, clinical technology, cath-lab sister, scrub sister)

 Pharmaceutical Sales Rep (degree in life sciences, consumer, nutrition, diabetes, oncology, related nursing, marketing or business) -

NOTE:  we are a recruiter in the medical device field only, please approach the recruiters in the pharmaceutical field for more advice on their job openings e.g. google pharmaceutical rep and the province you live in to see who is advertising

Behaviour typical of a professional medical sales representative:

  1. Target driven, self motivated, able to work to sales budgets to achieve profits, ambitious, passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, persistent,
  2. Ability to build customer relations by visiting targeted clients on a regular basis (consistency)
  3. Overcoming objections and obstacles, going back again, and again, without hestitation, with new concepts and creative ideas to entice the client until their interest is peaked
  4. Regular and consistent CUSTOMER SERVICE
  5. Making yourself available 24/7 to your customers
  6. Making them believe they can rely on your and trust you to keep your word and fulfill your promises
  7. Learning as much about the Client before visiting them, each time, researching their profiles, revisiting their client card, to continue to build a solid relationship for existing or future business
  8. Planning visits within your assigned territory as well as Country Trips
  9. Organising consignment stock
  10. Following up on queries
  11. Preparing quotations
  12. Providing demonstrations
  13. Attending theatre cases offering the support to your Surgeon (customer base)
  14. Being available for their theatre lists
  15. Able to learn quickly
  16. Familiar with online platforms, social media tools, ms office suite, computer literacy is required
  17. Able to work under pressure
  18. Be willing to go the extra mile
  19. In certain products (Trauma Sales) you will be required to work very long hours and weekend case support
  20. Essential to have fluent communication skills
  21. Must be corporate in appearance for this professional role
  22. Willing to travel to annual conferences, and/or bi annual meetings at head office if you are not in the same province
  23. Required to me timeous, deal with conflict in a professional manner, be a brand ambassador for your Employer at all times and deliver work ethic of a high standard as described by their Code of Conduct or Value Systems 

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